The royalty treatment

The mining industry has exaggerated its contribution in taxes and royalties to Australian governments by an estimated $45 billion over the past 10 years. Callum Foote reports on the findings of an independent research project […]


What goes up should come down

Inflation worries weigh on minds of investors as do the many questions hanging over Bitcoin 24 May 2021 | Shane Oliver, AMP Capital (Image: Sean Robertson) The inflation scare continued to worry investors over the last week […]


Sellers pipping buyers

Post-Budget auction markets still hot but clearly easing as listings surge as sellers try to  cash in on booming market   17 May 2021 | Dr Andrew Wilson, My Housing Market Although home auction markets reported more […]


Borderline economy

Is Australia’s recovery really dependent on reopening the international border? 17 May 2021 | Shane Oliver, AMP Capital  Angst around this got a new lease of life after the Budget assumed the border would not reopen until […]


Chinese take-away: Luxury brands

Jing Daily China Global Luxury Index reaches its highest level in April 13 May 2021 | Ollie A. Williams, Jing Daily (Image: Chi Lok Tsang) Not only have luxury companies rebounded from the pandemic, they […]


Property dream remains that for first home buyers

First Home Buyer Affordability Index continues its decline whilst property prices continue to rise 11 May 2021 | Dr Andrew Wilson, My Housing Market First home buyer affordability has declined for the second consecutive quarter, reinforcing […]


Hardly taxing times for Google… and others

Michael West Media takes a look under the bonnet of multinationals, driving ahead with revenue and profits while leaving corporate taxes in a trail of dust 11 May 2021 | Michael West, Michael West Media […]


What really happens in Holt Street?

Has Sharri Markson slipped up again, with a Chinese conspiracy exclusive neatly timed to coincide with the announcement of pre-sales of her first book? OPINION10 May 2021 | Marcus Reubenstein It appears the “drums of […]


Inflation pressure builds

Inflation is on the rise globally but it’s likely to be a confusing picture over the next few years, against the backdrop of a likely bottoming of the long-term decline in inflation seen over the […]


Slick strategy in the post-oil global economy

Former Australian Ambassador to China, Dennis Argall argues American objectives in disrupting East Asia are for economic “catch-up” with China 7 May 2021 | Dennis Argall American wars in the Middle East have been largely […]


IMF’s casts spotlight on six nations

Each year the International Monetary Fund conducts an ongoing assessment of a small basket of economies and their financial sectors 7 May 2021 | International Monetary Fund Throughout 2020 and into 2021, the global financial system withstood […]


Calls to not single out Indian-Australians

Asian Australian Alliance joins parliamentary crossbenchers, Sikh Council, Multicultural Communities Council, Chinese Community Council and Human Rights Commission in calling for Australian Government to withdraw its decision on penalising Australians defying the travel ban to […]


Residential property boom, booming along

Auction markets resume after holiday break with yet more boomtime results 3 May 2021 | Dr Andrew Wilson, My Housing Market Home auction markets resumed at full pace at the weekend after the lengthy holiday distractions […]


Virus, vaccines and economies moving

More mixed news on the markets front, Australia and US sees economic bounce back, Europe back in recession, vaccines rollout, while the latest Covid-19 outbreak at crisis levels in India 1 May 2021 | Shane Oliver, AMP […]