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  • Monday
  • April 15, 2024

Editorial independence

APAC News has a strict policy of maintaining editorial independence free from outside influence – and equally importantly free from any suggestion of outside influence.

Direct commercial partnerships are only entered into with wholly Australian-owned and incorporated businesses. Advertising and advertorial guidelines stipulate that APAC News will only publish content related to business, commercial, cultural, tourism and/or community activities.

In addition – unlike mainstream media outlets – advertorial, or sponsored stories, will have to meet strict editorial guidelines. In line with Australian media standards, all such content will be clearly identified as being paid content.       

Advertising or content from all levels of Australian government departments and agencies that promote government programs or policies will not be published. Similar contributions from foreign government sources are also prohibited. However, commercial activities of entities with any level of government ownership can be published under the strict guidelines can only be directly related to a commercial activities (for example tourism destinations); and not be related to, nor perceived to be related to, public or government policy promotions.

For foreign entities, in broad terms any content or commercial arrangements which might fall under the guidelines for registration under Australia’s Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme will be prohibited.

Content sharing

APAC News has formal and informal content sharing agreements. Where content is produced and published by another platform that source is always credited and hyperlinks to the original source are included.

As APAC News content is freely available and does not sit behind a subscriber paywall such content is considered to be in the public domain. Fair Dealing (Australia) and Fair Use (International) under copyright laws apply, third parties can republish original APAC News content provided:

  1. Proper attribution is given to republished content;
  2. Material is not published out of context of the original article;
  3. Editing is only permitted to reduce length of articles not to substantially alter context or meaning;
  4. Quotations taken from articles must attribute the article as the source of the quotations and not be presented in such a way as to suggest the author of the article was interviewed, or consented to be interviewed, by another publication;
  5. Except in circumstances where image credits identifying third-party copyright owners are identified, APAC News is the copyright owner of images and video contained on this website and the reproduction of those images without authority constitutes a breach of s32 of the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth) and relevant acts in other jurisdictions.

APAC News content is published by foreign language and foreign-based media outlets, such re-publishing is permitted under fair dealing provisions as outlined above. In circumstances where a third party re-publishes content, this does not denote any endorsement of that publication, its editorial policies, the opinions of its editorial staff or that of its owners. Should any publication misrepresent APAC News’s content in such a way as to state, or suggest, endorsement of that publication and its views, APAC News Publishing will demand retraction and specifically prohibit future use of content. Should further breaches occur APAC News Publishing reserves the right to seek recourse through the law.


APAC News content is protected under The Commonwealth Copyright Act (1968) of Australia and relevant copyright legislation in other jurisdictions. All images reproduced on this website are either copyright, copyright release or supplied. They cannot, in any circumstances, be reproduced without the written consent of the publisher.