Moutai promotional campaign hits 40 million views

Baijiu maker’s geographical culture month introduces a green theme for China’s leading spirit brand

14 April 2023 | GLOBE NEWSWIRE (Company Release)

In March 2023, Moutai launched the “Geographical Culture Month” marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to enhance people’s cognition of Moutai and to showcase the beauty of Moutai’s green development.

The online marketing campaign focused on environment, ecology, craftsmanship, and green transformation. The favorable natural conditions that Moutai enjoys, the efforts Moutai has made to protect the ecological environment, and Moutai’s “green” ecological system were systematically displayed to the fans in the “Geographical Culture Month”.

1. Crack the code of Moutai’s products ecologically

The natural environmental advantages that Moutai enjoys were interpreted in 20 posts on the six major social media platforms in the “Geographical Culture Month”. For instance, the Chishui River Valley provides favorable conditions for microorganisms to reproduce. The unique purplish red silt on the bank of the Chishui River filters the source of water for making Moutai products. The advantageous geographical conditions of Maotai Town contribute to the distinct Moutai flavor. The online posts made Moutai’s green development path easy to understand.

Photos, videos, and illustrations were adopted to show the charm of Moutai’s products to the fans.

Moutai’s homepages on the six major social media platforms gained over 40 million impressions and nearly 600,000 interactions in the “Geographical Culture Month”.

2. Explore Moutai products’ connotations culturally

Apart from systematically introducing the ecological environment on social media platforms, Moutai also organized the “Poetic Life” event during the “Geographical Culture Month”. By integrating the products with traditional Chinese poetry, Moutai enriched its cultural connotations.

In the “Poetic Life” event, works of Chinese masters of poetry including Li Qingzhao, Li Bai, and Ouyang Xiu were elaborately incorporated into the H5 interactive game with Chinese characteristics. Poems were recommended to the fans based on the analysis of their occupations, moods, ideals, and attitudes toward life.

The “Poetic Life” event gained over 16 million impressions and over 200,000 interactions from the fans.

3. Coordinate both domestic and international efforts of the Group

The abundant cultural resources at home can be used to boost the international market. The results gained from the international market can bring benefits to the domestic one in return. The coordination between the domestic and the international markets is another important part of Moutai’s internationalization.

Promotional activities were simultaneously initiated on major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for the launch of “Qingming, Spring Series of Moutai’s 24 Solar Terms”, so that the “voice” in China can be heard in the international market more efficiently. Moutai’s solar terms products and culture were well interpreted in the promotional activities. One single video was viewed over 1.4 million times. The beauty of Moutai’s solar terms culture was well displayed.

Videos of Chinese zodiac products were released on social media platforms to spread Moutai’s Chinese zodiac Baijiu culture.

With themes of Miracle of Technology, Merchandise Time, and Metaverse, posters in a uniform style were put forward on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to show the beauty of time, the beauty of time-honored techniques, as well as the infinite imagination and the beauty of creation brought by Moutai’s metaverse, echoing with the international expression of Moutai products’ “beauty”.

Now that March, the wonderful “Geographical Culture Month” has passed, we’ve stepped into April, which is Moutai’s “Artisan Culture Month”. Centering on artisans and ingenuity, this month focuses on introducing the techniques and process of making Moutai products and Moutai’s “accuracy” embodied in its scientific system of technology on social media platforms, as well as expounding on three relationships, namely the one between “tradition and modernity”, the one between “creation and inheritance”, and the one between “variation and constancy”. With Moutai’s Baijiu-making techniques revealed, fans can have a better and deeper understanding of the brand.

Kweichow Moutai is a subsidiary of Kweichow Moutai Group, which is owned by the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government.