China to become Australia’s largest beef market

AUSTRALIAN BEEF CONSIDERED WORLD’S BEST QUALITY BY CHINESE CONSUMERS (Picture: Juliana Amorim) Amidst the bleak challenge of drought facing Australia’s rural sector, there is a bright patch for beef producers targeting the world’s biggest consumer […]


Henan Province, where China began

Marcus Reubenstein traveled to Zhengzhou for the annual International Mayor’s Forum on tourism, one of China’s major international tourism exchanges, from there he toured some of the most spectacular and ancient sites across the remarkable […]

APAC News Chinese residential property investor inquires on the rise

Chinese buyer interest in residential property holds firm but a short-term market recovery is uncertain

CHINESE BUYERS REMAIN CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC ABOUT THE AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MARKET A report by Chinese international real estate broker shows two consecutive quarters of growth in Australian residential property inquiries 12 August 2019 | […]

Leading Sydney Foot Writers at Imperial Kitchen and Bar Sydney

A slice of China in downtown Sydney

A gathering of leading Sydney restaurant reviewers enjoys a private banquet at Imperial Kitchen and Bar Australia’s links with China extend back a great deal further than most people might think, the first Chinese settlers […]