Cancel culture

Is no Chinese star safe? Famed actress and businesswoman, Zhao Wei falls foul of Beijing as censors scrub references to her from Chinese websites 31 August 2021 | Gemma A. Williams, Jing Daily (Image: Madame […]


Credibility tanked

ASPI consistently cites an annual review by the University of Pennsylvania as proof its global credentials are “gold standard” but a closer look at the report hardly supports ASPI’s claim 30 August 2021 | Marcus […]


Who is collecting your data?

Chinese social media platforms have faced constant accusations of being the ‘rogue players’ in global tech by gathering user data. But they are late entries to a market created and dominated by the US social […]


China’s growth outlook

Economic indicators in China have slowed, what are the implications for Australia? 26 August 2021| Shane Oliver, AMP Capital  (Image: Marcus Reubenstein) Both China’s economic growth and its sharemarket surged after the first wave of the coronavirus […]


China’s regulatory crackdown

What are the economic implications for China following the raft of new tighter regulations on a range of industries from tech to private education and overseas listings? 26 August 2021| Shane Oliver, AMP Capital (Image: Ryoji Iwata) […]


Americans still call Australia home

US investment in Australian residential property is now double that of China with no sign that trend is changing   24 August 2021 | Marcus Reubenstein The total value of foreign investment in Australian residential […]


ASPI’s censorship sneaks

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute says it’s independent, free of influence and stands by the integrity of its research, so who is scrubbing negative comments from its Wikipedia page? 20 August 2021 | Marcus Reubenstein […]


Afghan failure won’t silence drums of war

Just two weeks before the 70th anniversary of Australia’s formal military alliance with the United States, a badly defeated US-led coalition left the Afghan capital of Kabul in chaos and a nation in ruin. Eminent […]


Defence hides Australia’s weapon sales to Israel

Defence has elevated “opportunities for Australian companies” over human rights and transparency in weapons sales, as an investigation by Michelle Fahy reveals 187 permits for military exports to Israel 18 August 2021 | Michelle Fahy (Michael West […]


Who takes weight of racism?

Ordinary Chinese-Australians are being forced to carry both the weight of racism and suspicion on their backs—much of the abuse has emanated from our institutions 16 October 2021 | Words and Main Image by Marcus […]


Like-minded democracies

Scott Morrison loves to praise India as a wonderful democracy—Australia’s QUAD ally with shared values. Brian Toohey writes the reality is that India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party is a horror story. […]


Swooping on Australia’s water

Duxton Water executives have been boasting about “beautiful” structural imbalances in Australia’s water market, and potentially dazzling profits from drought. Corporate nut farming is thirsty business and the proliferation of almond farms is poised to […]


A culture of secrecy

As has been widely observed, Prime Minister Morrison is obsessed with secrecy. Former head of the Prime Ministers’ Department, Michael Keating argues this obsession damages both the policy capability of government and the integrity of […]