US companies dominate top software reviews in Asia Pacific

Best Software Companies in Asia Pacific with the top five, mongoDB, Active Campaign, Slack, Asana and Shopify

The top five software companies, rated by users, in the Asia Pacific, mongoDB, Active Campaign, Slack, Asana and Shopify

A list of the 25 Best Software Companies in Asia Pacific, ranked by customer reviews, reveals that all but two are North American

9 October 2019 | Staff Writers

There’s an important lesson for Asian companies to come out of a review of the top software companies operating in the Asia Pacific region. Product innovation and development are part of the experience but branding and customer engagement make the package.

Customer reviews of more than 400 software businesses have been tabulated by, B2B tech marketplace, listing the top customer service providers. Unlike many consumer surveys this sample size was very large, with more than 39,000 responses across Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Of the Top 10 software providers nine were from the United States while US companies filled out all but four positions on the Top 25; two Canadian, a British and Swiss company also made the list.

Sixth ranked Zoom Video Communications Inc. was founded in San Jose, California by Chinese-American billionaire Eric Yuan. Born in China and educated at Shandong University of Science and Technology, his visa application to the United States was rejected eight times, on his ninth attempt he gained entry to America.

US corporations lead the way in brand experience

Creating brand experiences remains the strong suit for many large US corporations, something they’ve been very successful at maintaining even at a time when other sectors of the US economy have flat performance or are in decline. A number of other factors play in favour of US companies, they have a large domestic market, and the world’s biggest economy, so achieving scale locally provides an excellent business template and financial platform for overseas growth.

A rarely thought of factor is the pervasive nature of the Internet and digital communications which have effectively made English the global default language. Even in Europe where there are several dozen languages it is very rare to see an executive reach the top of a major company without being able to speak English.

As native English speakers, Americans have the best possible foundation for communication and branding strategies. However, English language skills alone are not enough. India is home to the largest and most proficient population of English language speakers in Asia, however, as a globally engaged economy they lag well behind China which has the world’s smallest proportion of English-speaking CEOs.

Silicon Valley still a global tech incubator

Innovation; free thinking individuals; a culture of entrepreneurial achievement; a readily available and highly skilled workforce; access to capital; and a concentrated area of like-minded individuals and enterprises is a major key to success. Little wonder that the overwhelming majority of the Top 25 Software Companies list were founded in California’s Silicon Valley.

While innovation is still being driven in the United States, the market growth drive is in Asia. Report authors, says Asia is all important. “Global expansion is a top priority for G2,” according to Chris Perrine, vice president of Asia-Pacific at G2. “With the opening of our new Singapore office in November, and release of the Best Software in Asia Pacific rankings, we’re increasing our investment in the region.”

The Top 25 list is below, survey details can be found at the G2 website

  1. MongoDB (USA)
  2. ActiveCampaign (USA)
  3. Slack (USA)
  4. Asana (USA)
  5. Shopify (Canada)
  6. Zoom (USA)
  7. MuleSoft (USA)
  8. UiPath (USA)
  9. Symantec (USA)
  10. Freshworks (USA)
  11. Quest Software (USA)
  12. Microsoft (USA)
  13. Pluralsight (USA)
  14. GitHub (USA)
  15. Hootsuite (Canada)
  16. Automation Anywhere (USA)
  17. HubSpot (USA)
  18. Google (USA)
  19. Dropbox (USA)
  20. Box (USA)
  21. Board International (Switzerland)
  22. AppDynamics (USA)
  23. Udemy (USA)
  24. Receipt Bank (United Kingdom)
  25. Adobe (USA)