ASPI’s social media strategic blunder

A new report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has blown up in the face of the weapons maker-funded think tank after it tried to muzzle public comments on Twitter 27 July 2021 | Marcus […]


Charting the way ahead

Seven key charts for investors to watch, where are they now? 26 July 2021 | Shane Oliver, AMP Capital (Image: APAC Digital, Patrick Weissenberger) While shares are at risk of a near term correction on the back […]


A muted fight back against racism

The results of the latest report into racism against Asian-Australians reveal that perpetrators of racist attacks could be emboldened by the belief that there will be no consequences for their actions 24 July 2021 | […]


Anti-dumping, not for waste

Not all Australian exporters are doing it tough in Asian markets, beef producers, winemakers, barley growers and lobster exporters have been shut out of China but a government loophole allows Australian companies to dump their […]


What planet are they on?

Within two weeks of collecting $4 million in taxpayer money, ASPI claims the Australian government is short-changing think tanks 19 July 2021 | Marcus Reubenstein (APAC Digital Image) Though the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) […]


Locked in

With low vaccination rates there’s little choice but to retreat to lockdowns so the Australian economy is taking another hit 17 July 2021 | Shane Oliver, AMP Capital (Image: Marcus Reubenstein)   The latest wave of new coronavirus […]


Cry havoc the dogs of war

It used to be reds under the bed now a poll finds 42 percent of Australians think the Red Army is about to come over the top and attack our nation. Do they think that […]


Australia’s Commander in Chief

Our great ally United States uniquely sits as the only democracy where its leader is head of government, head of state and the commander in chief of the armed forces, Australia’s often vague constitution effectively […]


Is the China story just a story?

Former Australian ambassador to China, Dennis Argall argues the Australian public and policymakers are denied truths about China  6 July 2021 | Dennis Argall, Pearls & Irritations (Image: Marcus Reubenstein) If ever there is now […]