Crikey! Crocodile tears for luxury

Australia’s “sophisticated” export model is based on growing stuff, or digging it out of the ground, and selling it to China. Spare a thought for the fashion houses using Aussie croc skins to flog off […]


Treasury record rivals foreign policy

Morrison and Dutton will use national security and “war with China” to ramp up their base for the next election. As is de rigueur for the conservatives “superior economic managers” will be the other pillar […]


Fruit from the poison tree

Think Australia doesn’t engage in forced labour? Think again. Next time you pick up a very reasonably priced piece of fruit, think about who picked it? What they were paid? Which country they are from? […]


Australian housing cool off?

Five reasons to expect a cooling in the Australian property market and falling prices in 2023 2 December 2021| Shane Oliver, AMP Capital (Image: Mitchell Luo) Fastest home price gains since 1989 Australian home prices have boomed […]


Canberra’s corporate press pass

It’s not just journalists who hang around the National Press Club. A plethora of political lobbyists, industry bodies, weapons makers, the Big Four accounting firms, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, alcohol and gambling interests—groups overwhelmingly foreign-controlled—all […]


ASPI: Drumming up business

Having just revealed it raked in a record $16 million in cash last financial year the Australian Strategic Policy Institute is apparently making good by marching to the beat of its new Defence Minister Peter […]


A king’s ransom to run “small government”

Despite the party of power being avowed champions of “small government” the cost of running the Australian government has ballooned to $100 billion with the percentage increase departmental expenses outstripping both the increase in taxation […]


Turning social media on society

Inspired by the Arab Spring, Manal al-Sharif used social media to start and lead movements. In the second of two articles, the Saudi-born cybersecurity expert and human rights activist examines how her home country uses […]


Diplomacy by Australian means

19th Century Prussian general, Carl von Clausewitz called war “the continuation of politics by other means.” With the enthusiastic blessing of his God-fearing prime minister, Defence Minister Peter Dutton has sidelined the diplomats and put […]


Where the bloody hell are they?

Freedom of Information denied! Prime Minister is an enthusiastic fan of thorough investigations into other nations but not his short-lived incarnation as managing director of Tourism Australia when he was sacked by a Liberal government. […]


Murdoch’s Ministry of Propaganda

US citizen, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp pays no tax in Australia, yet his columnists have no qualms making appearances as guests of honour at Liberal Party political fundraisers, for which attendees can claim tax deductions […]


Evergrande’s emergency landing

It’s never a good sign when the corporate jet is taken out in a fire sale. That’s $US50 million down another and just $US299.95 billion to go for the world’s most indebted developer. 23 November […]


Held prisoner to privatisation

Multinational prison contractors reap billion-dollar government contracts with soaring profits throughout the pandemic while inmates and their loved ones languish through uncertainty, lockdowns and COVID-19 outbreaks. An investigation by Stephanie Tran into Australia’s privatised prisons. […]


Failure to legislate

Public policy making is failing in Australia, “Yes Minister” was once code for senior civil servants to implement policies, now it’s code for the bureaucracy to remember they are political servants not public servants 16 […]


Coalition pork pull

“Magic” Mark Coulton and ”Not a little but a lot” David Littleproud have shown rare abilities in raiding the pork barrel. In the second part of his series, Jommy Tee examines the largesse being showered […]