Caged community

The Lowy Institute’s latest report, “Lines Blurred: Chinese Community Organisations in Australia”, does more to fence in the Chinese community than it does to liberate them from suspicion and institutional bias for which there is […]


One party state

Pork barrelling, once just a string in the bow of governments, has been elevated to a very sharp arrow targeting voters who will keep one party in power. If there’s a dollar to dole out […]


Cop that China!

With European leaders questioning the integrity of Australia’s leader on strategic issues, Nury Vittachi says the mainstream media has stepped up to once again put China in its place as the world’s biggest environmental villain […]


Can China still do it for Nike?

Despite geopolitics grabbing both headlines and the constant attention of western foreign policy hawks, Chinese consumers have not walked away from US brands. A poor quarterly result in China suggests Nike may have slipped but […]


Telstra a foreign policy weapon

Free market forces are shot down as the Morrison government hands Telstra $1.6 billion to buy regional telco Digicel Pacific. Another salvo in the brave new world of AUKUS, and more corporate welfare, this time […]


Who is following ASPI?

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has more than 100,000 social media followers yet averages around only ten engagements per post. Is its online engagement real or just another piece of weapons maker and foreign government-funded […]


The real agents of influence

So much for Parliament House being the “house of the people”, the mainstream media and security agencies claim the Chinese are trying to infiltrate Australian politics; but the government uses Parliament to grab party political […]


Nuclear option on Pacific diplomacy

Pacific nations have long-standing reasons to be wary of all things nuclear. Max Hayton examines the Australian government high-handedly joining a deal to send nuclear-powered submarines patrolling the region, without consulting our Pacific neighbours. 27 […]


ASPI now officially annoying

In keeping with its claims of “independence” the cashed up Australian Strategic Policy Institute decides it is best placed to write its own history 26 October 2021 | Marcus Reubenstein Winston Churchill, whose once mighty […]


Australia’s “unlucky” prejudice

In 1964, when Donald Horne wrote the immortal words “The Lucky Country” it was not a compliment, it was meant as a wake-up call to Australians about misguided national attitudes and our place in this […]


AUKUS: The “McAlliance”

The AUKUS pact may have strategic merits but US culture, investment and its brands already abound across China. Kerry Brown asks, in its current form, is this Anglo-centric trilateral pact a united front or mainly […]


$40 billion puppetry

It turns out the very business lobbyists who stood to benefit most from JobKeeper were regularly advising the Government on JobKeeper. Callum Foote and Michael West report how $40 billion was squandered and to what […]


Racist race to federal polls

Many see AUKUS as a timely gambit to create a “khaki election” campaign for a floundering Coalition government—it’s also potentially a dog whistle effort to deploy racism to maintain power 17 October 2021 | Lucy […]