Traditional Chinese Music comes to Darling Harbour

Last Friday, as the drizzling winter rain fell, Vivid Sydney was nearing its conclusion, the Chinese Gardens at Sydney’s Darling Harbour bustled with the melodic strains of folk music and the lively chatter of the crowd. A distant spectacle, blending dazzling garden landscapes with lights, was officially unveiled.

Visitors wandered through this picturesque scene as if walking into a painting. Twelve colourful festive lanterns from Beijing, each adorned with themes representing the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals, adorned the Chinese Garden. Meanwhile, the Charming Beijing Theme Light Show, designed by skilled Chinese light directors, ingeniously incorporated the shape of fans with the natural landscape of the garden. Sound, light, and electricity interwove seamlessly with the rain, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere that transported festival-goers into a divine landscape painting.

In addition to the mesmerizing light show, attendees at the lantern festival in the Chinese Garden were treated to performances by the Miya Orchestra of Sydney, showcasing traditional melodies such as “Jasmine Women,” “Charm of Water Country,” “Return in Spring,” and “Xiang Wang Xing.” Zhao Nan, a Beijing Opera Face Painting expert, also enlightened spectators on the origins and evolution of Beijing Opera facial masks, allowing them to immerse themselves in the allure of Beijing’s cultural heritage—a spectacle that particularly captivated many young children.