TCL’s proprietary screen technology a sight for sore eyes

Australia’s number three television brand, TCL has upped its game with the introduction of its NXTPAPER smartphone technology to the Australian market.

The 40 NXTPAPER  delivers features well beyond what would be expected in that price range. In fact, screen technology so good that TechRadar’s Alex Walker-Todd, cautioned Apple to get a hold of it pronto for the iPhone 16.  

Retailing at $349 across national sellers including JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman and Officeworks, clearly TCL is not going after Apple or Samsung. However, its NXTPAPER screen technology is destined to find a solid niche in the market.

In announcing the release, says TCL, “The world’s first and only smartphone to provide a revolutionary full-colour and  monochrome paper-like visual experience, the ground-breaking TCL NXTPAPER 40 bridges the niche between smartphones and e-readers.

“As screen time surges, so do concerns about eye health risks due to harmful blue light exposure. The TCL 40 NXTPAPER, with full-colour Electronic Paper Display, addresses these concerns, offering industry-leading eye comfort with a tactile paper-like experience that focuses on reducing blue light and minimising glare. It merges the convenience of modern technology into one seamless product.”

Take a Kindle, add the colour and functionality of smartphone technology and you’ve got the NXTPAPER 40 (Image Supplied)

The company hopes to target users consuming heavy amounts of screen content, concerned about eye health. The NTXPAPER 40 will also fit the needs parents, looking to minimise harm on children’s eyes while delivering them a stylish phone that’s not a budget breaker. It’s also a great option for on-the-go users wanting a smartphone with next level anti-glare features.

Out of the box, the setup is surprisingly straightforward. For parents, and even older uses wanting an eye-friendly smartphone, it takes minutes to have the phone ready to go. One of the great features is that the setup doesn’t bombard users with unnecessary apps they’ll have to manually opt out of. Unlike iPhones, switching on the TCL will not trap you in their tech universe.  

The TCL 40 NXTPAPER boasts a 6.78-inch FHD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate; these complement a 32MP front and 50MP rear camera. The internal storage capacity is a sizeable 256GB, more than enough for TCL’s target market.   

Says the company, “With a 9.8% market share, TCL is the number five global smartphone brand. An overall global leader in screen technology, with a 12.5% market share TCL is the world’s second largest selling television brand (source: Omdia’s Global TV Sets Report 2023); and, with a 13.3% market share (2023), is the third largest in Australia.

“The TCL 40 NXTPAPER joins a suite of TCL products in Australia that includes: smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, iOT devices, and QLED / Mini LED televisions.”

The company has already announced a higher-spec TCL 50 series NXTPAPER 5G will be rolled out across the UK/Europe and North American markets later this year. There’s no indication as to when they might hit the Australian market, but the retail price in those markets suggest a price point that represents a compelling value proposition.

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