Consumers still buying China

Liberal/National governments have long preached their faith in free markets, the Morrison government has announced it will meet the challenge of an increasingly assertive China through buying weapons from the United States and Britain, the […]


Nuclear “sub-standard”

The US Navy and Britain’s Royal Navy can’t maintain their own nuclear submarines so how is Australia, a nation with no expertise in nuclear powered vessels, going to maintain its attack submarines? 23 September 2021 […]


Over the counter prescription

The powerful Pharmacy Guild of Australia, despite its members’ record profits, and admitting Covid-19 did not harm their business one bit, has pocketed JobKeeper, Callum Foote reports on why they took it and how they won’t pay […]


Star spangled propaganda

The rocket’s red glare, the bomb bursting in air, gave proof through the night that ASPI will be there in Washington DC 20 September 2021 | Marcus Reubenstein O say can you see, by the […]


That Fella Down Under!

Scott Morrison’s AUKUS deal designed to win election, not make Australia safe 17 September 2021 | Michael West MW Media (Image: Marcus Reubenstein) Strap in for a media blitz on the threat from China. Prime […]


The ‘forever submarines’ go nuclear

The nuclear submarine deal intensifies Australia’s military cooperation with the US. It will be up to our regional neighbours to decide whether, as Scott Morrison says, the deal will help and not hinder them.  17 […]


Guarded comments

High Court ruling on Facebook comments a high risk for publishers; high time for reform 16 September 2021 | Kim Wingerei, MW Media In its recent ruling the High Court decreed publishers have responsibility for […]


JobKeeper in the (luxury) bag

Gucci and Prada owe Josh Frydenberg a debt of gratitude, just like Louis Vuitton, the Italian high fashion houses got JobKeeper. Now evidence emerges the Treasurer opted to ignore advice regarding a claw-back mechanism for payments […]


Trading places, exports for security

Does Australia continue to provoke and insult China not so much to hurt our biggest trading partner as to motivate our most important ally—the United States—to maintain a strong economic and military presence in the […]


Australia’s Asian Top 40

A diverse group of individuals who’ve made an outstanding contribution to Australian life have been named among the 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australians for 2021 13 September 2021 | Asian-Australian Leadership Summit (Image: Marcus […]


Australian spies in Chilean overthrow

On the eve of its 48th anniversary, documents just declassified by the Australian National Archives show the extent to which the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) worked closely with the CIA in the lead-up to […]


Taxpayer cash injections

“Everybody did it”: wealthy doctors lobbies line of for JobKeeper jab, Callum Foote reports on Australia’s Medical Colleges refusing to pay back millions in JobKeeper 10 September 2021 | Callum Foote, MW Media (Image: Towfiqu Barbhuiya/APAC […]


JobKeeper billions sail away in luxury

Big business doesn’t vote, small business does, that’s the dilemma for Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg as they maintain JobKeeper ‘national secrets’ status, Michael West reports 7 September 2021 | Michael West, MW Media (Image: Marcus […]