Economic activity tracking lower

An improvement in Victoria’s COVID-19 numbers has been offset by higher concerns in New South Wales and perhaps an acceptance that the economic pain could outlive the pandemic by some considerable time 29 August 2020 […]



Sydney Morning Herald诬告一位中国商人的儿子在没有任何记录的情况下透过其公司骗取超过2亿美元 2020年8月29日| Marcus Reubenstein CLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH VERSION 居住在悉尼的顾明峰(音译,Richard Gu)是上海祥富发展公司(音译,Xiang Fu)老板顾启亮(音译,Gu Qi Liang)的儿子。去年年底,由于旗下一家小型关联企业未能偿还债务,顾明峰的AXF Group Pty. Ltd.被破产管理程序接管。 上周六,顾明峰的名字出现在Sydney Morning Herald (SMH)标题为“神秘的2亿美元”的头版下。该报道称,顾明峰行为不当,且无法解释公司数百万美元的资金来源。 这篇报道是错误的。其为一个懒惰的的西方记者重复一个有关澳大利亚华裔商人的谎言的另一个例子。 这篇报道关于什么? 曾被APAC News曝光对澳大利亚华人进行虚假报道的记者凯特·麦肯蒙特(Kate McCylmont),在攻击顾的过程中只找寻了一个人的评论。 这个人是马尔科姆·豪厄尔(Malcolm Howell)。他是法院指定的清算人,而他的职责是确认AXF Group欠下债务的债权人(包括企业及个人),并为他们追回他们的钱。 在2月接管公司后,豪厄尔先生还没有追回一美元欠款。 然而,他花费了债权人1百万美元将他们告上法庭,以拒绝他们召开会议的权力。 法庭称,豪厄尔先生错了,并对他做出了一个明确的判决。他没有接受命运的安排,而是雇佣了一个宣传员,将这件事刊登在一家主流报纸上。 这位记者非常懒惰,她把他对顾明峰的抱怨全部重述了一遍,所以读者都认为顾做了不诚实的事,并拿走了公司的钱。 SMH没有提及法院清楚地发现了的真相。 […]


Time’s up for TikTok CEO

With the company under heavy fire from the most economic sanction-obsessed US President in history, TikTok’s American CEO has stepped down 28 August 2020 | Adina-Laura Achim, Jing Daily Amid rising tensions with the Trump […]


SMH sets sail with facts left stranded

Without much proof… the Sydney Morning Herald has published accusations the son of a wealthy Chinese businessman had more than $200 million flow through his Australian property development company without any records to show for […]


Grapes of wrath?

With little evidence that the Australian wine industry is dumping product on the Chinese market, it appears China’s Commerce Ministry may well have jumped the gun with its latest threat to slap tariffs on Australian […]


China relationship not set in stone

Political tensions with China have been escalating, but there’s still time for Australia to make amends and not follow in America’s footsteps, writes former Australian diplomat Bruce Haigh 17 August 2020 | Bruce Haigh Since Donald […]


Markets rise as US coronavirus trends lower

But policymakers are faced with the reality of high long-term unemployment and that government stimulus will be needed well beyond the health crisis   15 August 2020 | Shane Oliver, AMP Capital (Image: M Gonzalez) Major global […]


A National Emergency: sanctioned by Trump

Donald Trump is stretching his executive powers to add foreign individuals and entities to US sanctions lists at a rate never before seen. And it’s increasingly been done without congressional oversight, judicial review or any […]