Top independent business school hosts ASEAN business leaders in Shanghai


Global Leadership Program gives insights into both China and international business, with course graduates joining an alumnus that includes Alibaba founder Jack Ma

1 October 2019 | (Staff Writers and PRNewswire)

With bilateral trade between ASEAN nations and China valued at $514.8 billion USD, the appetite for business education is also rising. Thirty-nine business leaders and senior government officials from the ASEAN region participated in the ASEAN Global Leadership Programme (AGLP) at China’s leading business school, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business’ (CKGSB) Shanghai campus.

The five-day intensive program, designed and delivered in collaboration with SRW&Co, teaches valuable insights into how China’s history, policy, and innovative companies are affecting the region’s economy. The program expands industry perspective through direct interactions with leading unicorns and unicorns-to-be through on-site visits and networking events with CKGSB alumni. AGLP is taught by a team of CKGSB’s seasoned professors who represent the best in the global business education.

Participants include the board members and top executives from some of the largest private and state-owned companies and senior government officials in the ASEAN region. They found the 5-day learning experience with CKGSB “insightful” and “inspiring”. “The professors are truly experts in their field”, one participant commented after the program. “The panel discussion was an amazing eye-opener for China’s AI, electric vehicle. The networking with CKGSB alumni made us feel welcome and apart of the ‘big new CKGSB family.”

Daniel Wong, Chairman and Partner of SRW&Co. said, “Our participants should be exposed to the knowledge and insights offered by Chinese global business school. We have a much more positive engagement with CKGSB in terms of our missions, visions and the way to run the AGLP program. We share similar philosophy in terms of developing a pool of missionary leaders in ASEAN to drive the development of the region.”

The program covered eight academic lectures, examining specific business and financial issues in the context of China, including ‘China’s Transformation & Its Global Implications’ by CKGSB Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization, Xiang Bing. Other lectures include topics on Chinese business models, China’s financial market, FinTech, e-commerce, new retail and more.

The school also boasts a world leading MBA Program, according to, Associate Dean, Professor Li Haito, “Higher education and in particular postgraduate study is one of the most important pipelines into China and its economy. There is an undoubted cultural gap between China and the west and by narrowing this gap we create opportunities that either might not have been there or having taken years longer to materialize.”

Professor Li has traveled around the Asia Pacific attracting students to CKGSB’s English language-taught MBA Program, which is available across three campuses in China at Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. “As China’s first independent, faculty-governed, business school we are not just providing a first class MBA program for our students but the chance to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and to meet and partner with dozens of major Chinese corporations and multinationals based in China,” he says.

One of 45 full-time professors at CKGSB, Professor Li gained his PhD in Finance from Yale University and has lectured at the University of Michigan and Cornell University. “I spent 20 years studying and teaching in the United States,” says Professor Li, “I think MBA programs have peaked in the U.S. and MBA education in Asia is just beginning, the exciting times are ahead and we are not just attracting the best students but the best academics.

“Most of our faculty members received their doctorates from top universities, which include, Yale, Harvard, University of Southern California, MIT, Princeton and Columbia.”