New partner program for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Revamped program serves up “à la carte” menu to global partners of the French communications giant 6 April 2023 | Media OutReach (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise News Release) (IMAGE: Lars Kienle) French corporation, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a provider […]


Shangahai Fashion Week Returns

Recovery, or the green shoots of one in any case, was at the forefront of this edition of Shanghai Fashion Week, which began its 10-day run in the last week of March 2 April 2023 | […]


US and Swiss bank failures expose risk

Nonbank Financial Sector Vulnerabilities Surface as Financial Conditions Tighten 5 April 2023 | Source: IMF Recent strains at some banks in the United States and Europe are a powerful reminder of pockets of elevated financial […]


Rate hold a relief for property market

Rate hold could herald renewed confidence in property market 4 April 2023 | CoreLogic Research Director, Tim Lawless The decision from the RBA to hold the cash rate at 3.6% sends a clear message they […]


RBA pauses on rates

After ten consecutive cash rate rises, Australia’s Reserve Bank leaves rates on hold at 3.6% 4 April 2023 | Staff Writers (Image: Marcus Reubenstein) The Reserve Bank has kept Australia’s cash rate on hold, in […]


Friendly Jordies Firebombed

While parts of the mainstream media are labelling it an “alleged firebombing” the fact (not allegation) is, controversial YouTuber, Jordan Shanks’s home is smouldering. The corporate media seemed to bask in his misery, with some […]


Asians passengers in Morrison strategy

The decline in our ties with Asia, that began under John Howard, has accelerated alarmingly under the Morrison government, Bruce Haigh argues the clumsy retreat will cost Australia dearly. 30 December 2021 | Bruce Haigh, Pearls […]


AUKUS must be election issue

The Morrison Government has clear plans to take AUKUS to the next election as a key national security issue, however, its nuclear-powered submarines will be expensive white elephants, delivered long after the current government is […]


Take MY(EFO) word for it

Total access and zero analysis, the MYEFO budget leaks gobbled up in Canberra media feeding frenzy 18 December 2021 | Michael West, MW Media They sure were feeding the chooks the night before the MYEFO […]


World’s debt two-and-half times global GDP

Global debt has reached a record $US226 trillion—200 times Australia’s GDP—that debt will outlast the pandemic by many years. 16 December 2021 | Virat Singh, Andrew Womer, and Yuan Xiang (IMF) In 2020, we observed […]


Australia did not invent democracy

Winston Churchill famously said, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried.” For western nations it is clearly the best of some pretty poor options, yet […]


Real agents of foreign interference

Despite the Morrison government’s complete distrust of Australia’s biggest trading partner, it’s not foreign governments who are having a lend of Canberra. Once again foreign entities dominate the list of corporations raking in billions of […]


The mutation of greed

According to Oxfam, three giant pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna, are generating $65,000 profit every single minute from their Covid-19 vaccines. Rich nations, like Australia, have hoarded vaccines and refused to allow third world […]


Quad, hardly shining democracies

How legitimate are the so called Quad’s implicit claims of moral and political superiority? Three of Australia’s last five PMs (Scott Morrison included) came to power knifing predecessors in backroom secret ballots; one in four […]


Human rights and wrongs

Why does Australia still sell weapons to human-rights abuser Saudi Arabia? As the kingdom wages war in Yemen, Canberra continues to supply arms, making us complicit in the deaths of innocent civilians. 8 December 2021 […]