ASPI’s social media strategic blunder

A new report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has blown up in the face of the weapons maker-funded think tank after it tried to muzzle public comments on Twitter 27 July 2021 | Marcus […]


Time’s up for TikTok CEO

With the company under heavy fire from the most economic sanction-obsessed US President in history, TikTok’s American CEO has stepped down 28 August 2020 | Adina-Laura Achim, Jing Daily Amid rising tensions with the Trump […]


A National Emergency: sanctioned by Trump

Donald Trump is stretching his executive powers to add foreign individuals and entities to US sanctions lists at a rate never before seen. And it’s increasingly been done without congressional oversight, judicial review or any […]


China’s digital wolves

China’s tech giants are running in packs looking for employees willing to devour the competition 31 May 2020 | Tas Walter (Image: APAC Digital / Marc-Olivier Jodoin) Late last year a senior strategist at a […]


Transforming luxury brands into a digital experience

There are lessons for global consumer brands targeting Chinese consumers amidst the coronavirus disruption 21 April 2020 | Ruonan Zheng, Jing Daily As COVID-19 spreads around the world at unprecedented speeds, major luxury players have to react […]