The ever present Rupert Murdoch

Former News Ltd executive, John Menadue explains Rupert Murdoch’s political modus operandi, going back decades, and how he always gets what he wants 31 January 2021 | John Menadue (Pearls & Irritations) Foxtel has been […]


Not taxing times for all

The latest Tax Office transparency data has had its usual pre-Christmas release, on the very last sitting day of parliament for 2020, this year’s data also distracted from public scrutiny by COVID-19. The oil and […]


Murdoch Media’s Australian assets valued at $0

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is shrinking – Facebook is now 60 times the size – yet its political clout still has Australia’s politicians entranced. MICHAEL WEST asks, when will its hold over governments fade? 19 […]


Could racism be the Real Sick Man?

An opinion piece by academic Walter Russell Mead in the Wall Street Journal has provoked anger in China (main image digitally manipulated) Have western reports on the coronavirus crisis pulled aside a mask that reveals […]