Caged community

The Lowy Institute’s latest report, “Lines Blurred: Chinese Community Organisations in Australia”, does more to fence in the Chinese community than it does to liberate them from suspicion and institutional bias for which there is […]


Credibility tanked

ASPI consistently cites an annual review by the University of Pennsylvania as proof its global credentials are “gold standard” but a closer look at the report hardly supports ASPI’s claim 30 August 2021 | Marcus […]


Think-tank clickbait

Latest survey shows that even the reputable Lowy Institute is not immune from producing headline grabbing reports 24 June 2021 | Marcus Reubenstein Those who woke to news reports yesterday discovered that Australians have almost […]


Ignorance and prejudice: Australian media on China

Ignorance and prejudice on China are now entrenched in Australia, fed by media repetition of false narratives; possibly encouraged by US and UK origin foreign influences; and enabled by stubborn and inept Australian political leadership. […]


No room for yellow elephant

Whether or not it was the author’s intentions, the Lowy Institute’s “Being Chinese” report has already been used in some narrow quarters, particularly on social media, to further marginalise Chinese-Australians. Kingsley Liu, lawyer and President […]