The real agents of influence

So much for Parliament House being the “house of the people”, the mainstream media and security agencies claim the Chinese are trying to infiltrate Australian politics; but the government uses Parliament to grab party political […]


What was I doing in China?

APAC News’s founder and editor has travelled extensively across China but not on any political missions, Marcus Reubenstein explains his engagement has not been through politics, or business, it has mainly been through the lens […]


Propaganda by any other name

Scott Morrison and his government constantly proclaim they will stand up to China and stand with nations who “share our values” but when it comes to Party promotion their values are strikingly similar to communist […]


Repugnant: a European diaspora perspective on Eric Abetz

Liberal Senators Eric Abetz and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells are unrepentant after imposing Chinese-Australians to McCarthy-like demands to condemn China 16 October 2020 | Marcus Reubenstein Conservative Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz is refusing to apologise for his […]