A muted fight back against racism

The results of the latest report into racism against Asian-Australians reveal that perpetrators of racist attacks could be emboldened by the belief that there will be no consequences for their actions 24 July 2021 | […]


Calls to not single out Indian-Australians

Asian Australian Alliance joins parliamentary crossbenchers, Sikh Council, Multicultural Communities Council, Chinese Community Council and Human Rights Commission in calling for Australian Government to withdraw its decision on penalising Australians defying the travel ban to […]


Student exploitation continues

A Chinese international student has been viscously assaulted after confronting an employer who allegedly refused to pay her. Despite the billions of dollars international students pay in Australian tuition fees, they have virtually no protection […]



继脸书上多条种族评论后,多元文化事务助理部长的立场“站不住脚” APAC NEWS EXCLUSIVE 2020 年 4 月 6 日 | Marcus Reubenstein (Image: AAP) CLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH VERSION 联邦自由党议会议员杰森·伍德(Jason Wood)的支持者们在其脸书主页上大肆呼吁“射杀”澳大 利亚华人,形容他们为“亚洲佬” (“Chingers”),“卑劣的杂种狗” (“Filthy Mutts”)及“恶心的蛆虫” (“Disgusting Maggots”)。 自三月以来,多元文化事务助理部长伍德在脸书上发表许多反华新闻帖。这些帖像磁铁一样吸 引了几百条的种族评论。极端的甚至有一些关注者主张处死华人。 上周四, 当总理斯科特·莫里森(Scott Morrison) 正在发布全国新冠病毒最新消息时,一个吸 引了几百条煽动性评论的帖同时上传。 […]