$40 billion puppetry

It turns out the very business lobbyists who stood to benefit most from JobKeeper were regularly advising the Government on JobKeeper. Callum Foote and Michael West report how $40 billion was squandered and to what […]


Big End of Town’s hands all over JobKeeper

A former spy heads up Australia’s foreign investment review board, there’s government inquiries into foreign interference, think tanks, ‘academics’ and a band of federal MP’s screaming our sovereignty is under siege… while the big of […]


National cabinet on China relations

Business leaders say a shift of thinking, and realisation that Asia is the key global economic growth driver, must underpin Australia’s approach to China 8 July 2020 | Toby Thomas (Image: Evangeline Shaw) The nation’s peak […]


Silent partner on the road to recovery

Prime Minister Scott Morrison outlines his recovery plans for Australia without a single mention of exports or China 26 May 2020 | Marcus Reubenstein (Image: Kristina Flour) Prime Minister Scott Morrison has addressed the National Press Club […]