GDP down but there’s a road out

Australian GDP slowed in the June quarter and will be hit hard by the lockdowns but, writes economist Shane Oliver, here’s seven reasons to look beyond the gloom  2 September 2021| Shane Oliver, AMP Capital  (Image: Marcus […]


Questions about financial markets

AMP Capital’s, Shane Oliver’s Q&A on the global recovery, vaccines, inflation, the risk of a share crash, Australian home prices and other issues  30 March 2021 | Shane Oliver, AMP Capital   Is the global economic recovery […]


A better outlook

Still far from upbeat about the economy the Reserve Bank of Australia is more optimistic about conditions than three months ago 6 November 2020 | Richard Colleville The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) quarterly Statement […]


The Lucky Country

There’s some clear gaps between Australia and the rest of the world which show we may emerge from this period of global misery better than most nations 7 May 2020 | Shane Oliver, AMP Capital Back in […]


US Federal Reserve moves on rates

The US central bank decides not to wait and takes unusual step of lowering rates between board meetings 4 March 2020 | Shane Oliver, AMP Capital (Image: neonbrand) The US Federal Reserve has lowered its key Fed […]