Caged community

The Lowy Institute’s latest report, “Lines Blurred: Chinese Community Organisations in Australia”, does more to fence in the Chinese community than it does to liberate them from suspicion and institutional bias for which there is […]


Chinese diaspora a bridge not an enemy

Despite links that extend back more than two centuries, the Chinese community in Australia is often viewed with suspicion. Not only is much of that suspicion not founded in reality, it can work against national […]


No room for yellow elephant

Whether or not it was the author’s intentions, the Lowy Institute’s “Being Chinese” report has already been used in some narrow quarters, particularly on social media, to further marginalise Chinese-Australians. Kingsley Liu, lawyer and President […]



澳大利亚媒体The Australian Financial Review 因刊登含有种族歧视意味的漫画而向犹太人道歉,那么澳籍华人什么时候也能收到道歉呢? 2020年6月15日 | Marcus ReubensteinCLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH VERSION The Australian Financial Review为漫画家大卫·罗(David Rowe)的一幅漫画刊登了长篇道歉文,在这幅漫画中,澳大利亚联邦国库部长乔什·弗莱登伯格(Josh Frydenberg)的形象被许多人认为带有反犹太色彩。 漫画中的弗莱登伯格长着 “鹰钩鼻”——这种夸张的面部特征在20世纪早期、第二次世界大战和大屠杀期间通过反犹太人的出版物在欧洲流行开来。 他手持一根货币符号的棒子,并且还戴着犹太男性戴的传统圆顶小帽(yarmulke)。弗莱登伯格是犹太人,但他从不在公众场合戴这种圆顶小帽。 这幅被发布在大卫·罗推特上的漫画,招致了众多的批评和犹太族领导人的愤怒。 于是所属于Nine Entertainment (旗下拥有Sydney Morning Herald和The Age) 的该报纸发布了一篇道歉长文。 半个道歉 这份报纸写道:“罗和The Financial Review都为上周末AFR Weekend上刊登的漫画造成的无意伤害和冒犯行为道歉。同时,The Financial […]


AFR can apologise for racial offence

The Australian Financial Review rightly apologises for cartoon amidst claims of anti-Semitism… don’t hold your breath for admission of ever offending Chinese-Australians 15 June 2020 | Marcus Reubenstein (Image: David Rowe/AFR) The Australian Financial Review […]