Statement by Marcus Reubenstein

“In June 2021, I commenced defamation and copyright infringement proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against Dr Geoffrey Wade and the Commonwealth.  As part of those proceedings, there was a contemplated cross claim by Dr Wade for defamation in respect of certain publications made by me.  Dr Wade has since deleted the publications which were subject of my claim and I have agreed to discontinue my legal proceedings. Publications I made in relation to Dr Wade in the contemplated cross claim have also been deleted. To the extent that my publications may have been interpreted to imply that Dr Wade is a racist and unethical public servant, it should be clarified that I did not mean to make any such suggestion. The terms of my settlement with Dr Wade and the Commonwealth remain confidential; however, I am satisfied with this outcome.”

Marcus Reubenstein
Editor and Publisher, APAC News
13 October 2021