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Let Australia learn to play true a blue peace-maker and not warmonger

2 December 2021 | CCCA (Image: Jayden So)

Defence Minister Peter Dutton received much publicity in South China Morning Post with the headline “Australia says disconnect between China’s peace push and ‘alarming’ actions as spy ship sails off its coast”. 

  • Defence Minister Peter Dutton said Beijing’s militarisation of the South China Sea and aggression towards Taiwan show China’s actions being at odds with its rhetoric  
  • The remarks came as Canberra confirmed it had monitored a Chinese intelligence ship sailing in August inside the country’s EEZ  

As the US-China relations thawed following the Xi-Biden summit phone call, Dutton’s rhetoric was described by Senator Penny Wong (Opposition Foreign Affairs spokesperson) as widely out of step with the US Policy not to declare the intuitions about Taiwan’s defence. What is the agenda behind Dutton in wanting to play the ‘tough guy’ role in Asia Pacific as if the Xi-Biden summit didn’t happen?   

Dutton goaded Australians into a deep sleep walking journey to a precipice of nuclear war with his irresponsible remarks about Taiwan, beating the war drums in SCS, and echoing a President Truman’s Domino Theory (1950s – 1980s) despite former PM Keating who said Taiwan was not an Australian national interest. We have no obligation to go to war in aid of Taiwan initiated by US. It can be a disaster for Australia if we are involved. 

Having earned his title as Chief Cold Warrior of OZ, it is only 5 easy steps to frame a khaki election (next federal election) as revealed by Crickey: 1. Pick an enemy (China); 2. Frame the opposition as weak; 3. Start petty fights (covid-19 allegations); 4. Align yourself with the military (AUKUS & more defence money) & 5. Evoke war metaphors at every chance.  

He alarmingly, tried to predict that if China forcibly took over Taiwan, her next target could possibly be Australia. Imaging if he wins the next election, he could be our new Prime Minister of Australia?  So scary stuff can come out of his brain and mouth for our National interest? 

Dutton’s remarks are like an old record playing continuously and the soundtrack, which was an original Trump and Pompeo masterpiece, has been replaced by his. Most allegations made against China are hollow allegations like the thoughts of the Trump-Pompeo duo. Using the war card to win an election is playing poker with the devil and winning the pot is like having a nuclear holocaust.  

Mankind will be wiser if we can learn from our history and this article “Can cold war history prevent US-Chinese calamity?” illustrated an important past event.

Back in 1961, Soviet Leader Nikita Krushchev and President John F Kennedy was able to prevent the Cold War from turning into a nuclear war through high level correspondence.   In his letter to the Soviet leader, Kennedy wrote: “if we could find a measure of cooperation on some of these current issues this, in itself, would be a significant contribution to the problem of insuring a peaceful and orderly world.”   

We quote the article “Kennedy’s approach back then helped save the peace, even during some of the darkest moments of the Cold War. Today, leaders of the United States and China must take a similar approach—as both sides seemed to acknowledge at the recent “virtual” summit. “It seems clear to me,” said U.S. President Joe Biden, “that we need to establish some common-sense guardrails.” Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed: “China and the United States need to increase communication and cooperation.”  

We believe President Xi and President Biden should continue their dialogue and cooperation and keep IndoPacific region and the world free of war. We can then nominate the two Leaders to share the Nobel Peace Prize.  

Australia is best to take the advice of our former Prime Minister Paul Keating and learns to be a true blue peace-maker and not a warmonger in the Indo Pacific region and for that matter, peace-maker for the world through United Nations guided by its almighty Charter.

Principal authors, Dr Anthony Pun and Dr Ka Sing Chua. This commentary is supplied by the Chinese Community Council of Australia Incorporated, the views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not represent the views of APAC News.

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