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Despite sections of the media and China-ignorant commentators talking up conflict, realists understand that no nation can afford a nuclear war

9 April 2021 | CCCA

Many Chinese Australians were hopeful when President Biden took over the US Administration from President Trump, that the US-China relations would improve.

As weeks went by, the anticipated change vanished.  Instead, the US became more resolute than before, in their anti-China stand, as revealed in the opening statement by US Secretary of State, Mr Antony Blinken, in the US-China summit held in Anchorage last month.

Singaporean diplomat, Prof Kishore Mahbubani, gave three structural reasons for the continuance of China containment policy (1) The US cannot tolerate challenges by China to their supremacy in economics, military and almost all aspects, (2) The fear of the Yellow Peril is deeply buried in the mindset of Americans and (3) The US has expected China to be like them (changed to their type of Democracy) which did not happen, and they were utterly disappointed! 

The Murdoch press should take all the credit for an extremely successful campaign in portraying China as the enemy as reflected in the public polls in Australia and America.  The successful implant of the enemy was good for domestic political consumption, in simply winning votes and paving the next move in getting the citizens to support the next war, ie. with China.

Despite the dramatic drop in the number of adverse reports on China in the Australian press, the occasional report does beat the drums of war over South China Sea especially those so-called “independent journalists” in SkyNews.

How does all the war drums beating and continuing toeing of the US line against China effect Australia?  As former Canberra political reporter Paul Malone wrote in John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations, “What would US -China war really mean”. He points to Greg Sheridan, The Australian’s Foreign Editor proclaiming on the front page of the paper in March this year, “Military conflict in the Pacific, which would certainly involve Australia, is becoming more likely,”

Malone’s article attracted many readers comments:

George Wendell:  As we shift to a new world order that will very likely put China and much of SE Asia at the centre of economic power, it’s up to us to choose just how bad things will be. Deliberately turning China into an enemy as Australia has done is the most stupid course we could take. This only result because our government didn’t even bother with diplomacy but instead has seen fit to throw mud at China at every opportunity while hiding behind daddy US’s trousers. 

Basil: The problem with the likes of Jennings, Sheridan, Hamilton, et al, is that they all like to style themselves as experts on China and to imply that they have insights into China’s strategic thinking. The fact is, none of them has a clue as to what China’s leadership is thinking or planning, hence their views are worth very little.

Anthony Pun responded with this: “Americans have the economic and military (nuclear arsenal) powers whilst China has economic and manpower. In US-China war, the US w\ill come out on top with its huge military industrial complex and hardware, However Russia has military powers like the US, and when combined with China, represents an equal and formidable force, Like Benard says, the strategic China-Russia alliance would be a deterrent for US to start a nuclear war; and vice-versa for Russia or China. Man’s stupidity and insaneness in beating war drums is actually the work of the devil. Despite the imminent dangers of a war today, it is also the best time for geopolitical leaders to choose a path for peace, prosperity, and stability for all the inhabitants of this plane”. 

In relation to Australia’s new Defence Minister Peter Dutton, Anthony Pun commented in the Sydney Morning Herald: “They may be a light in the tunnel when Dutton, our new Deference Minister says that Australia wants to work with China to ensure peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

“It this is the genuine goal of the Australian government, then the Nobel peace prize should go to Dutton. Never mind all the rest of the chest beating statements that followed. It would be statesmanlike if Dutton would use his influence and ask the Americans to do the same.”

Dutton can also consider cancelling the budgeted $270 Billion of “unnecessary military spending” and more so as not to lose the next election if he is going to stay in as Minister of Defence.  

History shows us that the best defence is not to get involved in any war. Peaceful co-existence with constructive diplomacy is the best defence for our values and people’s national interest and not the US.

A compassionate plea to Minister Karen Andrews to release the Biloela girls

The entire nation of Australia is close to melting point under the heat of a public spotlight. We all share the charge of crimes against humanity. How is it that we deserve such charges?

Australia is responsible for the stark images of two Biloela girls. Their sad faces highlight their solitary eyes. There is little to enjoy the seasons on Christmas Island.

Most of its area is 135 square kilometers of jungle in the Indian Ocean, south of Java and Sumatra and 2,600 km north of Perth.  It has large red robber crabs roaming the slivers of road dissecting the island like a hot cross bun. The lower end of the island has hundreds of blow holes seeping through volcanic lava. The top of the island played host to the SIEV 221 victims who were sliced up on the sharp volcanic rock cliffs at the Golden Bosun Tavern. It is an island of the dammed.

They were both born in Australia, but the Biloela girls have already spent half their lives as forlorn passengers for three years under no flag.

It is one case file that Karen Andrews is cursed to reign over as the captain of Home Affairs.  She could be tempted to fix our moral compass. She can sail to safer waters and shift away from the growing storms of public redress.  

Asylum seekers Nadesalingam Murugappan (Nades) and Kokilapathmapriya Nadesalingam (Priya) with their Australian-born daughters Kopika and Tharunicaa

Abandoning young children on an island penitentiary is not the thing that Australian men and women prefer to carry out on their own watch in a million years.  Australian school children ponder how modern government of their times deliberately shift the pendulum of fate over the top of their school mates from Biloela. This went way beyond Ministerial inconsistency for this kind of intervention, on one hand like the Biloela children, and on the other hand for the European au pairs who got fast tracked to sponsors homes.

As long as legislation and policies and decisions are crafted to marginalize the minorities . our white xenophobia will always surface whilst the politicians market easy digestible to the fearful side of the voters.  They know that the electoral conservatives harbor a floating mountain of votes to be gleaned for the plenty.  That is why both sides of politics love to play in that corner.

The world media will show that evidence points to a nation that lacks heart for human rights.  Oddly, we had set ourselves up as a perfect target.  Our moral defenses have been structured on hypocrisy, superiority, and blame. Our usual spin tends to point back at others.

Overseas media paints Australia as a little leader of the lynch mob enflamed with crusading righteousness. What have we achieved is exactly the opposite, not recognition as an significant regional player to which we aspire but likened to a pompous little nation, that loves to shirt front on occasions.

Minister Karen Andrews can raise mercy on behalf of all Australians, if she chooses to do so. She can fix our standards of humanity before we drop further under the water line. She is a mother too.

This commentary is supplied by the Chinese Community Council of Australia Incorporated: Founding President, Dr Anthony Pun OAM, President, Mr Kingsley Liu. The views expressed in this article are those of the authors.

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