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Peace cannot be achieved by force but understanding.

25 November 2021 | CCCA (Image: Sunguk Kim)

Following the telephone call between President Xi and President Biden, the world has retreated from the brink of a nuclear holocaust, should be rejoiced by all peace-loving people of the world.  Despite the rhetoric that has been going on in Cold War 2, there are signs that the US-China relations would thaw when two superpowers agreed to collaborate with climate change and avoiding conflict and the Cold War.

Although no joint communique or some resolutions of difference were ironed out, the diplomatic dialogue at the highest level between the two countries is a pre-requisite for future “pow wows” to resolve conflicts and difference in a pragmatic and civilized manner through high level diplomacy. 

The latest collaboration on the desk is Biden asking China to join in getting crude oil prices down.

Another important event after the Xi-Biden ‘summit’ was the remarks from another wise counsel and elder statesman, Henry Kissinger who said: “The necessity for both sides is to see whether from that position they can move to a pattern in which disputes are mitigated and in which they realise a victor is not possible without a risk of destroying humanity.”

Meanwhile at home, our political leaders have been unusually quiet on the Xi-Biden telephone call as if it did not exist, despite the intensive reporting of the event worldwide and in the Australian media. 

Supporters of AUKUS who talked up the imminent war with China, claimed that we had an obligation under the ANZUS treaty to join US if she goes to war with China. Our former PM Paul Keating made a great effort in the National Press Club (video available) in informing ordinary Australians of his view on the subject and debunked the rationale of those who wanted a war between US and China based on the Taiwan issue. 

We have discussed in previous opinion piece that Australia will be pushed to a corner if we do not have an independent foreign policy and we will be standing alone in the Asia pacific holding the poison chalice. Recent articles by Geoff Raby and former foreign Minister Bob Carr and other commentators have joined in the debate on this issue. 

Keating has chided both political parties during his interview at the National Press Club and it seems that the major political parties, are not speaking against war and the freezing of Australia-China relations.  Domestic NGOs such as IPAN, has now joined in the opposition to war and improvement in the Australia-China relations.  A new development in Australia, is the rise of a political voice against war and the freezing of the Australia-China relations. On this issue, we quote Robert Barwick of the Australian Citizen Party: 

The Australian Citizens Party wants friendly cooperation between Australia and China 

The Australian Citizens Party (ACP) is a political party established in 1988 to campaign for economic policies to raise living standards in Australia. It welcomes migrants into Australia from all nations, and value their contribution they can make to the nation. The Citizens Party wants Australia to have an independent foreign policy, not dependent on the USA or UK, which emphasises economic cooperation with our neighbours. It oppose the dangerous hostility that too many politicians are now expressing towards China, and their talk of war, which would be a disaster for the whole world. China is our biggest trading partner, and we should seek avenues for friendly cooperation. We believe that peace comes through cooperation on economic development. From the beginning the Citizens Party welcomed China’s Belt and Road Initiative as an amazing opportunity for economic cooperation–we believe Australia should join with the majority of the world and participate in the BRI. By investing in advanced rail and port infrastructure to connect Australia more closely into Asia, we could massively expand the export of high-value agricultural and manufacturing goods to our Asian neighbours, which would be of enormous benefit to the whole region. 

This video shows clearly about who gains from our loss in China exports: 

We hope there will be a swing in Australian public opinion about Australia-China relations led by the thawing of the US-China relations. It is not too late to change direction of our foreign policy if not independently then the next best thing to do is to realign our direction with President Biden. 

The world nearly came to the brink of a nuclear holocaust when Governments in Taiwan and Australia were beating the war drums as if they were goading both US and China into a war over Taiwan. The Xi-Biden telephone conversation moves the world away from the brink of a nuclear disaster despite critics say it was just a public show for both Leaders. However, we hope that the hot line has been re-established between China and US and this line of communication would serve as a “sprinkler system” to spray out any geopolitical hot and smoky spots. Our hope is both Xi and Biden, continue in their joint effort to promote peaceful coexistence and a better world for all inhabitants of planet earth.  


A postscript to commentary 48 and 49

The world is currently going through an unprecedented period of uncertainty with the COVID pandemic. We are, as if living in a war zone. So far, we have lost over 5 million people and counting to this COVID pandemic. But don’t forget, we also have lost far more through different illnesses, man-made and natural disasters and merciless wars. 

Surprisingly the best country that overcomes the COVID pandemic so far with best result is China, considered the mortality and the huge 1.4 billion population that China has to look after. She must have done something better that is worth other country to learn from in this pandemic. A nation is better governed by scientific knowledge and social science combined with the civilised rule of laws. China is not the best example of that by all means but she is aiming for that according to her stated policies. Human governance has come a long way since the establishment of United Nations in 1945. We have noted many well governed countries around the world that can be the exemplary models for other to follow. The list of best liveable nations by the assessment of United Nations every year can be a good guide.

We all are human. We all make mistakes. Hence, we must stop the blame game and stop trying to demonise one another. We must prepare to learn from one another and help one another out so that we can all benefit from our human achievement and civilization. Our world is but one nation and her peoples one citizen. We are all one family of human beings. We are a huge multicultural global family. We have to learn to live in harmony and tolerance as we all make mistakes. We can correct our mistakes and move on to live a better live among the huge multicultural family under the United Nations. We have to learn to help one another in times of natural and man-made disasters. The haves have to learn to help those who are suffering and in need of help. The Ables must learn to help those Disables of whatever the reasons. We have to help them to help themselves with education and rules of laws etc. We have to learn to solve our differences through constructive dialogue and diplomacy. We have to learn to settle our conflicts via civic process of civilised laws and orders and properly set up International Judiciary systems. Differences and conflicts are never settled through violence and wars. In fact, violence and war always aggravate and create more differences and conflicts. Real peace can only be achieved by understanding and mutual respect. It can never be achieved by wars. Any war potentially can be the seed of another war as it can create so much hatred and vengeance due to the weakness of human relations. And we all suffer from the war one way or another. Common humanity suffers from it. 

Appeal for peace is universal. It can heal hatred and vengeance. It can lead to better understanding between human beings. Most important aspect of peace is it can achieve better equality, freedom, democracy, justice, fairness, good governance and rules of laws. It is the best tool to bring in reforms to alleviate pandemic, climate changes, poverty and man-made or natural disasters. It also has the almighty power of healing human’s differences in religions, ideologies, racism, education, cultures and languages etc among our global multicultural communities. 

We all share a common civilization in this most liveable planet and have the responsibility of looking after it and not destroying it by force and war.

Global citizens should know that we have enough combined resources in the world to house, feed, educate, provide health and shelter and a happy home like you and me who are privileged to have them now. We have so much wastages in those countries who haves a lot to give but not giving. We have the statistic through the United Nations to show that if we all work together fairly and justly under the almighty Charter of United Nations, we can learn to share our rich talents and resources to create a fairer and happier world for every one of us and every child that is born and not just some of us and some of our children who are born into this beautiful planet earth.

With Blessings to all.

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein 

Principal authors, Dr Anthony Pun and Dr Ka Sing Chua. This commentary is supplied by the Chinese Community Council of Australia Incorporated, the views expressed in this article are those of the authors.

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